C-Bone (peruvianjew) wrote,

I bought a book about Bruce Springsteen and its SO good!

Man oh man I am loving this book! It's called "It Ain't No Sin To Be Glad You're Alive: The Promise of Bruce Springsteen" and its fucking awesome. Its sort of half biography half "why Bruce Springsteen is so great" and I love it.

Some of the stuff is really endearing. One part talks about the fact that he used to be so shy that once he couldn't even correct a receptionist at Columbia records when she thought he was a messenger so he just sat around in the waiting room until someone recognized him and let him in.

It also helps put alot of things into context in relation to why he had such a great influence on people. In terns of "Born to Run" (the section I just finished) he explains all of the economic and political issues going on in the 70s and how uninspired the music that was being churned out seemed in comparison to that of the previous decade. Basically, this. book. rules.
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