C-Bone (peruvianjew) wrote,


I just got home from the Bruce Springsteen concert and I think this is the happiest I've ever been. I'm happy not only because I got to see this amazing, amazing man perform live but he did some of my absolute favorite songs: Adam Raised a Cain, Incident on 57th street and Jungleland.

I don't even have the brain power to write a real entry but I thought I'd just throw it out there that this was the best night of my life. I knew I would cry if he played Incident on 57th street (hence why I bought water poof mascara) but it affected me more than I expected. I think I started crying within the first 30 seconds. That song is just so beautiful and to actually hear it being played live is just incredible. There was a nice moment during the song when my sister noticed that I was crying and she put her arm around me and we just swayed to the rest of the song.

I cried a little during Jungleland. That song is so epic - the story, the sax solo, his voice! And it seemed like one of the songs that EVERYONE knew and they wanted him to know. It was beautiful.

This concert was a religious experience. I think I found God -and his name is Bruce Springsteen.
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