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Best story I ever heard

My mom got me Bruce Springsteen Live 1975-1985 on vinyl for Christmas. It's a set of 5 LPS and its AMAZING. Aside from the songs, in between tracks it has bits where he'll tell the audience some stories. On side 7 right before "The River" he tells this story about when he was a kid that made me cry. So I thought I'd share it (yes I totally transcribed this, that's how much I loved it!):

When I was growing up me and my dad used to go at is all the time. over almost anything . I used to have really long hair. way down past my shoulders. And when i was 17 or 18, oh man he used to hate it. And we got to where we'd fight so much that I'd spend a lot of time out of the house. And in the summertime it wasn't so bad cause it was warm and friends were out. But in the winter I remember staying in downtown and it would get so cold. And when the wind would blow I had this phonebooth i would stay in and I would call my girl for hours at a time just talking to her all night long.  And finally I'd get my nerve up to go home and I'd stand there in the driveway and he'd be waiting there in the kitchen and I'd tuck my hair into my collar and I'd walk in and he'd call me back to sit down with him and the firs thing he'd always ask me is what did i think i was doing with myself. And the worst part about it was I could never explain it to him.

I remember I got in a motorcycle accident once and I was laying up in bed and he had a barber come in and cut my hair and man I can remember telling him that I hated him and I could never ever forget it. And he used to tell me "man I can't wait until the army gets you. When the army gets you they're gonna make a man out of you they're gonna cut all that hair off and they'll make a man out of you."

nd this was in I guess 68 when there was a lot of guys from the neighborhood going to Vietnam. I remember the drummer in my first band coming over to my house with his marine uniform on saying he was going and that he didn't know where it was. And a lot of guys went and a lot of guys didn't come back. And a lot that came back weren't the same anymore. And I remember the day i got my draft notice; I hid it from my folks and 3 days before my physical me and my friends went out and we stayed up all night and we got on the bus to go that morning man we were all so scared. And I went and I failed. I remember coming home after I'd been gone for 3 days. In the kitchen, and my mother and father were sitting there and my father said "where you been?" and I said "I went to take my physical" and he says "what happened?" and I said "they didn't take me" and he said "that's good."

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